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Advisory Consulting

Technology Advisory offered by IPI solutions is a conveyance experience that empower you to evaluate your environment at your convenience. The information is gathered remotely enabling you to keep up the most extreme security and run assessment on your own schedule.

Collation of data through the cloud and data review uses encryption to help safeguard your information. This enables you to see your outcomes very quickly.

A Microsoft accredited engineer will audit the discoveries, give suggestions and learning and assemble a remediation plan with your staff and our Technical Expert.

Technology Advisory delivery experience is accompanied by a two-day follow up onsite visit which will focus on supplementary knowledge transfer, and building a remediation plan with your staff and our Technology Expert

Assessment results available online
Easily share results with your everybody in your organization
Convenience of the remote delivery implies insignificant effect on your environmental condition and IT staff
Online conveyance with our engineer
Flexible scheduling possibilities
Re-evaluate your environment to track progress
Expose operational issues before they affect your business

Offline Assessments are available for customers with high privacy restrictions and compliance processes in which the data must remain at their facilities. This is a streamline experience to enable you to assess your environment offline maintaining all data at your facility. The data is collected onsite allowing you to maintain privacy and run the assessment on your own schedule.