7 Simple Facts Why Cloud Migration Is The Best Bet For SME’s

July 16, 2018
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July 16, 2018 Adio Ayotoro

Moving to the cloud can more or less be said to be a statement business largely today are in some way or another either aware of, becoming familiar with, and/or even presently, attempting to exploit.

Fueling its growing adoption amongst other factors is the level of agility and cost savings businesses get to experience as a result of moving to the cloud.

Notwithstanding these facts however, an essential question to also ask is How one can really know or be certain all as regarding exploiting cloud opportunities is being embraced?

Take for example the common misconstrued notion and/or belief about Office 365 merely being seen as a form of office accessed via the use of a browser or better still accessed in the cloud.

To further assist in providing more clarity, featured within this brief article are 7 essential facts businesses already utilizing or intending to utilize Office 365 as a medium for migrating to the cloud must be aware of moving forward.

Office 365 is more than just an office tool in the cloud: no doubt Office 365 consists of the regular office you might already be familiar with or know but it also features essential add on that significantly aids better productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in the work place. It avails you the opportunity to work literally from everywhere and anywhere being stationed in the cloud. Constituting the add on’s as earlier mentioned are tools such as one drive, skype for business, sharepoint, yammer and analytics just to mention a few.

Amazingly you also have the luxury of deciding to install Office 365 on any device. Thus, you can access your regular office tools both online and offline. You can talk to us today to learn more.

Data control would not be lost by migrating to the cloud: forming part of the objections and reservations sometimes still maintained by a considerable number of businesses is the notion and fear of having lose control of their data upon migrating to the cloud. In contrast to this however, cloud not only allows for you to maintain control of your data but also aids in eliminating time and resources that would otherwise have been spent on maintaining and upgrading IT hard wares such as servers you buy for email and workload storage. It saves you money and time that can be redirected into more strategic activities that would foster better business growth.

On premise isn’t a better way to ensure data safety and/or security: according to Mark Anderson (founder of INVNT/IP Global Consortium) on premises are not necessarily more secured in comparison to the cloud. Attributable to these is the numerous number of attacks firms are usually exposed to daily, all of which would be impossible to uncover and mitigated against even with a considerably large security team.

Utilizing Office 365 directly would expand your capacity to effectively monitor these attacks as it not only expands your security team but it also comes along with additional options of advanced threat protection. Learn more about Office 365 advanced threat protection and industry compliance.

It is not mandatory to move everything to the cloud: whilst moving to the cloud proffers significant value to businesses, it should not necessarily be a marathon race. Migration can be undertaken at any desired pace suiting to your organization. Even better to note is, a hybrid approach (i.e a combination of both on premise and cloud) largely has been recommended as an ideal place to begin. Learn more about the hybrid approach/cloud.

Unauthorized third party (eg Government, spies) would have access to your data in the cloud: this also forms part of the reservations most commonly held about cloud migration. What you must understand is that your IT team/administrators actually are the one’s who manage access and develops restrictions options. In essence implying you not only maintain data control but also control its access.

Skype for business is entirely different from the regular skype: as opposed to the regular skype you know, skype for business is your effective medium for hosting productive meetings. With the skype meeting broadcast feature you can host virtual meetings constituting up to 10,000 participants. It likewise allows for you to better manage employee accounts and provides enterprise grade security. You can click here to contact us today for further enquires.

Cloud almost nearly never disrupts essential organizational applications: irrespective of the frequent automatic updates associated with Office 365 (being stationed in the cloud) compatibility with the daily tools utilized in the work place are essentially guaranteed. Thus updates in no way affects or impacts on your software applications.

To actualize an easy and cost effective move to the cloud, Office 365 is the all-in one solution you need. Work from anywhere, do more in less time and utilize its cloud connected tools to foster the better communication, productivity and collaboration your business needs. Click here to Speak with us now to begin.

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